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    Zhejiang Horizon Industrial Limited
    Add:Dahuangshan Industrial Zone Jinhua

    Craftsman's way, quality heart

    According to the book of history, Dayu Mo said: "the heart of a man is in danger, but the heart of Tao is small; only the essence and the only one are allowed to carry out the speech.". These 16 character words of governing the country are also the way of "craftsman" pursued by Ourui.

    In this era full of competition and temptation, many enterprises and individuals have lost themselves in the process of moving forward, forgetting their original intention and drifting away. Ourui is people-oriented, holding the thinking and concept of craftsmanship spirit, constantly improving, upgrading and improving its own technology and products, and finally exists in the form of meeting its own strict requirements, and is a pioneer and leader of the industry.

    It's the right time to ride the wind and waves. Ourui is willing to join hands with friends from all walks of life to create a new brilliant career.

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