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    Various types of steel weld metal requirements
       Standard samples of welding materials or products listed on the properties of deposited metal are welding (excluding base metals) performance, and performance of welded joints on weld metal (including soldering; material deposited metal and base metals) and welding process, there is no any welding in the welding process can be applied to welded joints in heat-affected zone and change its properties, from the welding materials used for the weld metal can only consider the performance needed to ensure the performance of welded joints welded process (especially after welding, heat treatment, the line energy) with. JB/T4709-2000 in principle provides that "the performance of the weld metal should be higher than or equal to the corresponding value of the base metal standards or minimum requirements to meet the design requirements of the technical conditions" as a general principle of selection of welding materials JB/T4709-2000 the GB 150 low alloy steel used in the performance of their strength into low-alloy steel, heat-resistant low-alloy steel and low-temperature low-alloy steel, this division actually welding characteristics and adapt them was that "through the welding procedure, determine the welding material, "this statement is not comprehensive - for example, welding 16MnR steel, are available through the following electrode welding procedure qualification: J506, J507, J507R, J507G, J507RHJ507DF ... ..., but welding product which brands will have to consider many factors, such as: ① from the welding equipment to consider, J506 AC welder, J507 on DC welder; ② from the crack considerations, J507RH than J507; C welding inside the container from the labor protection considerations, J507DF (low dust) better than J507; ④ from efficiency considerations, iron rod J507Fe better than the 507. Considering the above factors to determine the electrode after the final grades
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